'Fractured Fairy Tales' Competition

In the run up to half term Valley Invicta Academies Trust (VIAT) is launching a ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’ competition for students across all its nine schools.

The idea was inspired when students from our School of Science and Technology Maidstone (SST) were set a task to write their own 200 word story which took a classic fairy tale and added a twist, changed characters, or made it more modern.

The story submissions were so good that we thought all students should have the opportunity to take part and create their own fractured fairy tale.

You can see some examples of the SST stories on the school website - https://www.sstmaidstone.viat.org.uk/2724/fractured-fairy-tales

So, whether you are at one of our VIAT primary schools or secondary schools, please give this challenge a go if you wish! We will be giving a prize of a £25 Waterstones gift card to the writer of the best fractured fairy tale in both the primary and secondary category.

Please note, entering this competition is optional. You can find all the details below.

Good luck!


Craft your own 200 word 'Fractured Fairy Tale' - a tale that takes a classic fairy tale and adds a twist, changes characters, or makes it more modern.

Think outside the box – perhaps you could include one of the following elements:

  • Write your fairy tale from a different perspective? E.g. be the bowl of porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears?
  • Set your fairy tale in an alternate universe?
  • Choose an unlikely hero/villain?
  • Add an exciting twist?
  • Incorporate characters from different fairy tales?

Please send your entries to: fracturedfairytales@viat.org.uk

Be sure to include your name, year group, school and a contact email address.



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