Coaching and Mentoring

At the Valley Invicta Teacher Training (VITT) we have the desired outcome to work effectively together. We aim to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that sets out to realise potential for individuals, their teams and the wider organisation of our Valley Invicta Academies Trust.

Our colleagues will thrive in the knowledge that we exude a passion for well-being and care whilst focussing on career progression, coaching and mentoring and leadership and management training. We want to harness the interests and skills of our colleagues in a way that is positive to our wider community. We believe that the impact that can be gained, goes beyond mere outcomes.

We are privileged to be working with professional coaches who have created two projects in support of our ideals. The over-arching aim of these interventions is to create a Safe, deeply inclusive and co-learning space where individuals and groups/teams can clarify their purpose (why we are here?). Where they can assess what is going well and what might make it even betterThis aligns with our approach to CPD and well-being for all. It also allows everyone to influence the development of the Trust and its aims.

We are also keen to connect with the impact on Students – as we develop further the ‘coach-like’ behaviour of our students. An active student coach training and coaching programme is underway and we are already seeing the potential benefits of this work.

Project 1 – for all staff, at any point in their career, who wish to develop the skill of Coaching

  • Context - Career and personal development for staff who wish to participate under the Educator as Coach programme. This will see participants reflecting on their own progression and development and establishing pathways to their desired outcomes. This will include consideration on motivation for self and others with whom they collaborate in the context of their school and the Trust.
  • Approach -  staff will have the opportunity to participate in The Trust’s Educator as coach programme for 2021/22. This will offer 1:1 coaching support leading to  an Action Learning Set who will ideally influence the performance of the school/where they are placed and its objectives.

Project 2 – for reception and office admin staff

  • Context and approach - The Reception client facing staff – the purpose of this intervention is firstly to assure the well-being of our people by equipping them to respond effectively to challenging situations.





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