PE and Sports Education

PE and Sports are an area that have seen significant collaboration for VIAT schools.  As a Trust, we understand and promote the importance of such a key subject area for all our students – both primary and secondary. 

Invicta Grammar School, Valley Park School and SST Maidstone have been working collaboratively, within the PE departments, to create a curriculum which is based around high expectations, giving students an experience of a broad range of skills and sports, as well as an awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our primary schools have also worked hard to develop a comprehensive programme that introduces our children to a whole host of different sporting activities – everything from the traditional netball and football to horse riding and majorettes. 

Both our primary and secondary colleagues work together to enable the very best opportunities for our youngsters, culminating in a VIAT Olympics on our Maidstone campus.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all our children to come together to both be inspired and gain leadership skills.

There have also been a number of Trust clubs running throughout the year so that a broader range of extra-curricular activities can be offered to students/pupils both at lunch time and after school. On average, 15 clubs on the Maidstone campus have been available to students throughout the year and these have presented a brilliant opportunity for students from across the Trust schools to socialise together and benefit from more of a "campus" feel.

By working together, the PE departments have gained a wider insight into the different sports which each school offers and improved their our own teaching knowledge across different sports. In turn, this has been invaluable source for professional development. 

Invicta Grammar School, in particular, has also been working much more closely with primary schools this year, organising, and hosting a different sporting activity to a different year group each term. The primary pupils have loved visiting the Sports Hall and are looking forward to taking part in more collaborative sports activity. 

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