Take part in our Transition Project!

Are you joining one of our VIAT secondary schools in September?

Don't forget to take part in our Transition Project!

We have created a website and would love to you to submit some of your work so that we can get to know you better - you can take part as many times as you like!  You can find the website by following the link below:


and by entering the password, which is: VIAT2020!SeptWelcome (case sensitive).  You can also scan the QR code provided, using a smart phone or tablet.

We have put some ideas on the website already, which you might like to try – or be original and come up with your own – we will really enjoy celebrating your abilities!  To get started, perhaps you could:

  • Design a sustainable house for the future;
  • Describe your day when you wake up in another dimension;
  • Write an algorithm that sorts insects;
  • Take a tour of the Palace of Versailles;
  • Write a poem about what it means to move up to secondary school;
  • Create an impactful piece of Art;
  • Take a photograph of a dish that you cooked from scratch;
  • Escape from Hogwarts – see the website for more details.

All you need to do is email your contribution to gettingtoknowyou@viat.org.uk, attaching a photo of your work and letting us know your full name, which primary school you attend and which school you are joining. 

We will upload your masterpiece to the website (make sure you look out for it!) – please be assured that we will identify you only by your initials and your primary school name, rather than publishing your full name on the site.

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VIATSchools - June 23
We are so proud of VIAT school, Valley Park, which has been formally recognised as a Dementia Friendly School following the success of its 'decaf' events for people living with dementia - well done everyone! You can read more here: https://t.co/eJWr412VJj https://t.co/lO3F0LZALU
VIATSchools - May 27
There have been some amazing entries to our Transition Project so far! Well done everyone! You can see all the fantastic submissions so far, and find some inspiration to create your own, on our dedicated website. Full details here: https://t.co/D5a8ttd3L7 https://t.co/89dGDsYFsb
VIATSchools - May 22
We are so excited about welcoming our founding cohort in September! https://t.co/ChmgE9xtmS
VIATSchools - May 20
On 'Thank A Teacher Day' we are saying a HUGE thank you to all the amazing teachers that work so hard, especially those of our own who work across all the VIAT schools. We think you're FANTASTIC! https://t.co/FW527L9lg6
VIATSchools - May 19
We are thrilled with our lovely new display celebrating the NHS, which features work from across our schools. Thank you https://t.co/wI2GxPrF9Z
VIATSchools - May 19
The first entry to our STEAM competition is brilliant! Well done Riley from Holborough Lakes! You can watch his video about how planes fly here - https://t.co/3BxKPTq8nv And you can find full details about the competition, and enter yourself, here - https://t.co/lZN6OP2B9S https://t.co/MQdzA1zUFD
VIATSchools - May 18
VIATSchools - May 14
After the huge success of our Stay Creative competition, we're launching another! This time, there's a STEAM focus so we'd like to see work around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. All VIAT students can take part! Full details here: https://t.co/lZN6OP2B9S https://t.co/Yo04mVUTmb
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