Aylesford pupils to donate their hair to Little Princess Trust

Three pupils from Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford are preparing to donate their hair to the Little Princess Trust – a charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer.

Year 2 pupil, Amber, aged 7, was inspired to help after losing her little sister Isabella to cancer five years ago. She will be having her hair cut at school,  on Friday 14 June, and will be joined by her friend Emily, also aged 7, who decided to support Amber by getting her hair cut for the charity at the same time.

Amber said: ‘I wanted to do this because I want everyone who has cancer to be able to have a wig.’

Emily said: ‘I am happy and a little bit scared about cutting my hair but I really wanted to do this with Amber.’

Later on this month, Year 6 pupil Lex, aged 11, will also be cutting his hair in aid of the Little Princess Trust. After his best friend’s mum was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair through treatment, Lex grew his hair to the required 12 inches, in order to cut it off and donate it.

And it’s not the first time Lex has cut his hair for charity. Six years ago he shaved his head and raised £1,500 to help a family in need.

Lex will be having his hair cut at a community event in Larkfield on 30 June.

Lex said: ‘I think this is a good thing to do to help people going through cancer treatment, and I’m excited to see what my hair looks like after its cut. My classmates are really excited too!’

Family Liaison Officer for Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford, Zoe Adams, said: ‘These pupils are absolutely amazing. Their kindness, compassion and selflessness is truly wonderful to see and it’s fantastic to know that they will be helping other young people cope with the very difficult experiences they’re going through.’

Headteacher, Billy Harrington, said: ‘We couldn’t be more proud of Amber, Emily and Lex. We are looking forward to supporting them through all their brilliant fundraising efforts.’

You can support Amber, Emily and Lex by donating through the links below:

Amber: https://gofund.me/45d922dc

Emily: https://gofund.me/5a61871b

Lex: https://gofund.me/354f5cfa

The Little Princess Trust has provided over 15,000 wigs to children and young people with hair loss. The charity has also invested £28 million into ground-breaking childhood cancer research. You can find out more from their website: www.littleprincesses.org.uk

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