Creative Collaboration Project

Creativity is as important as literacy and numeracy in education

We are facing the biggest economic crisis in decades. Coronavirus has wiped billions from the global economy and in order to survive, businesses and organisations will need to be innovative and progressive.

Creativity is more important now than ever before.

Pre-pandemic, creative thinkers enabled organisations to gain a competitive edge in their sector. Today, individual creativity is an asset that no organisation can be without.

Creativity can not be automated. It is a complex process which intelligently combines previously unconnected concepts in order to create something new. ‘Idea babies’ are born when existing ideas come together. The more ideas clash, combine and challenge each other, the more they generate. This is the sweet-spot where exciting things happen: innovation, invention and progressive developments that disrupt the marketplace. This is where opportunities lie - across all sectors, in business, education, health care and technology.

Creative skills and abilities help future- and recession-proof a person’s career path. It is these attributes which will help young people to navigate the ever changing and fast paced professional world they will enter.

Creativity is not just the domain of the ‘Arts’. Creativity is found everywhere, in all walks of life. What is more, just because something is produced using a so called ‘creative’ method, does not guarantee its creative contribution. For example, a watercolour copy of a postcard may be highly ‘artistic’ but offers little creative contribution, whereas, developments at the frontier of mathematics, provide great creative leaps forward. Indeed, the mathematical theorem attributed to Pythagoras, required an audacious level of creativity to bring about its conception. This is clearly the case at the frontier of all subject areas - Science, Technology, Humanities as well as the Arts themselves.

It is heartbreaking to hear people say that they are not creative. I am not creative. You are not creative. We are not a creative family. Children who hear these statements throughout their childhood, will quickly believe they are true. And, as soon as they believe them, it becomes their reality. Too many people believe this fallacy and do not understand that creativity is an innate ability. It is a tragedy to limit young people in this way. Everyone with cognitive capacity has the ability to be creative. It is what sets the human race apart as an intelligent life form.

It is our mission to develop the creative capital within our young people.

The Creative Collaboration Project was conceived to provide educational opportunities for students from different age groups, schools, backgrounds and disciplines to work together to develop their creative assets.

We believe that creativity is a means of social justice. It expands the life chances of all young people no matter what their social background. Creativity is a ‘multiplier’ skill which increases the potential of other skills and knowledge.

Our incredible team of teaching staff work together in a collaborative programme to ‘teach for creativity’ and provide inspiring creative opportunities to cultivate creative capital.

It is our shared belief that creativity is as important as literacy and numeracy in education.


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