A dedicated team of teaching staff, across each of our VIAT settings, have worked together to establish a collaborative programme to ‘teach-for-creativity’. The programme provides inspiring creative opportunities to cultivate the creative capital in our students.


  • Student Workshop Programme (from September 2019)
    Providing students from different age groups, schools, backgrounds and creative disciplines opportunities to work together in collaboration to develop their creative powers. A number of creative workshops for children of keyworkers have already taken place.
  • Creative Challenge Programme (from March 2020)
    A programme of creative challenges for students and staff to engage with during the national lockdown. Outcomes are being exhibited online and at the school hub for the children of keyworkers.
  • Creative Community Online Hub (from June 2020)
    A web-based hub for teachers and creative practitioners to come together to share ideas and good practice.
  • Creativity Film (June-October 2020)
    A short film to promote creativity in education featuring creative practitioners, industry leaders, teachers of the Creative Arts and students.
  • Teachers CPD Programme (from September 2020)
    To provide teaching staff with practical methods, support and guidance in delivering creative content and teaching for creativity.
  • Exhibition of Creativity (September 2020)
    Web-based showcase to celebrate creative endeavour across our creative community.
  • Creativity TeachMeet (October 2020)
    To enable creative practitioners and teaching staff across all of the Creative Arts to share exceptional practice and innovative ideas.
  • Teachers Creativity Conference (June 2021)
    To inspire, galvanise and support teaching staff in teaching for creativity.


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