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Chief Financial Officer, Kent

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Range: VIAT scale 14 (£62,407 - £67,976)
Responsible for: The Finance Team
Accountable to: The Accounting Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is a key member of the Trust’s executive team and as such must ensure compliance with all statutory financial requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

The Chief Financial Officer will be directly responsible to the Chief Executive Officer who is the accounting Officer for the Trust and is ultimately responsible for the proper financial conduct of the institution. The Chief Financial Officer will provide advice on strategic financial issues and be responsible for financial management and for the leadership and management of the financial team.
The Chief Financial Officer is expected to bring a modern, business-like approach to the leadership of the finance function, running it as a highly competent and efficient service with an emphasis on business partnership across the Trust and with devolution of the service where appropriate. The appointee will develop and deliver a proactive, customer-focused service.
The Chief Financial Officer will line manage the finance team that consists of the Finance Manager and 7 Finance Assistants. The team is responsible for all aspects of financial management, including payroll, exchequer services, the management of financial records, resource allocation and budget control, financial planning (strategic and operational), the financial management of projects, funding relationships with the funding body and other agencies and related contractual arrangements with external organisations.
In addition to leading the finance team, the Chief Financial Officer will contribute to strategy and policy development to support the Trust’s aims and objectives, will ensure the provision of management information for the Trust’s planning and monitoring systems, and will ensure the completion of statistical returns to external agencies.
Finally, the Chief Financial Officer will act as Clerk to the Trust, ensuing it’s compliance with statute and its own scheme of delegation when in operation. Part of this clerking role will involve managing minuting secretaries.

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